Full Stack Engineer

Full time

Flycomm is looking for a Senior Full-Stack Developer

Flycomm is a startup that specializes in managing the communications space and has a successful and groundbreaking product in the field.

The company was built from a Torah vision of integrating and maintaining Torah learning as part of the company's activities.

We are looking for a Senior Full-Stack Developer with expertise in React and NodeJS, and with extensive experience in developing products on large scales and a deep understanding of the architecture of complex systems. The work environment is dynamic and enriching, and is at the core of the company's activities.


*Over 3 years of experience in React and NodeJS

*Over 5 years of experience in JavaScript, HTML and CSS

*Deep understanding of Redux, DOM manipulation, JS object model

*Good familiarity with the AWS environment

*Experience in developing products with high user traffic

*Skill in writing clean, organized and efficient code

*Mastery of best practices for performance development and optimization

*Excellent communication and teamwork skills

*Desire to learn new technologies

*Experience with modern frontend technologies such as Angular or Vue.js - an advantage

*Experience in leading development teams - an advantage

The Flycomm company is located in Mahon Lev, Jerusalem, and is looking for candidates who are enthusiastic to be part of a Torani, young and growing startup.

we'll be glad to hear from you!