Connectivity with AI

Elevate Your Cellular Network Coverage

Imagine a future where wireless connectivity management is as straightforward as checking your email. Flycomm turns this vision into reality with our cutting-edge AI platform, designed to provide unparalleled insights into your network's performance.

Unlock the full potential of cellular communication with our
AI-powered platform.


Operators | Smart-Cities | Smart Mobility | 5G & IoT Vendors| Cell-Towers & Integrators | Public-Safety & Security Forces

Our sophisticated AI algorithms analyze terabytes of data to reveal actionable and accessible insights about network quality and coverage:

Plan Smarter
Strategically grow and enhance your networks leveraging real-world intelligence.

Manage Better
Monitor connectivity dynamically to rapidly identify and resolve issues.

Innovate Faster
Uncover opportunities to deploy new technologies and applications.

Next-Generation of Network Analytics

Platform features:

Performance analysis
We evaluate and compare cellular service providers to give you a clear understanding of your network's performance.

Accurate planning
We help you strategically plan your network resources to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Time-based analysis
We analyze connectivity performance over specific time periods (including real-time) to identify trends and patterns, so you can make data-driven decisions.

Environment & application analysis
We help you understand how connectivity varies across different environments and different applications, so you can optimize your network for specific needs.

Start using Flycomm today!

Flycomm's webapp platform is easy to use and scalable, so you can get started quickly and easily.

Take Your Network to the Next Level with AI

Operators & MVNO's

Flycomm provides unparalleled visibility into all facets of your network with AI-powered analytics, enabling data-driven planning and management.
Benchmark performance, pinpoint issues, and maximize infrastructure investments.
Ensure reliable connectivity across mission-critical applications

Discover New Opportunities

Cell Towers & Integrators

Revolutionize how you manage infrastructure with Flycomm. Our AI-powered platform provides unparalleled visibility into network performance, helping you optimize assets. Identify underutilized infrastructure, coverage gaps and more.

Empower Your Smart City with Connectivity

Smart Cities  &  IoT's

Ensure reliable connectivity for all your smart city and IoT applications with Flycomm.
Our AI platform analyzes existing infrastructure, pinpointing coverage gaps to guide investments.
We verify coverage across IoT device locations before deployment. Proactively monitor networks in real-time to prevent connectivity issues.

"Collect cellular data, analyze performance and plan new sites and IoT - It's that easy with Flycomm" - Everyone.