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Bad connectivity is costing more than you think.

Your revenues, expenses and user experienceare negatively affected by disconnections and low coverage.

Provide a managed, accurate, and optimal cellular coverage.

You need a reliable connectivity, but you are wasting time and money looking at unreliable insights. Use Flycomm's analytics to get better decisions.

Generate more revenues, reduce costs and enhance customer experience.

Flycomm’s platform provides powerful tools for maximizing network potential, improving resource allocation, ensuring coverage, and cost-effective planning.

Know exactly what's working and what's not.

Maximize your network's potential with our cutting-edge communication managing & planning software. Optimize resource allocation and improve coverage to provide your customers with the best service possible. Streamline your operations and stay ahead of the competition with our powerful tools.

Uncover actionable business opportunities

Using Flycomm’s intuitive web-based software, cell-tower companies can monitor the cellular coverage of all MNOs and all technologies, identify new opportunities, discover the communications’ value of a proposed property, and close deals faster.

Best-connectivity for your city and IoT devices

With Flycomm's platform, smart-cities can bring clarity and resolve wireless communication problems, reduce radiation & become smarter. Flycomm enables IoT companies to manage and plan the best connectivity for their IoT devices, and deploy cameras, sensors, smart-meters and other IoT devices faster and better!